Press Releases

Article in the "BVZ"

On October 19th 2016 a detailed article about the Great Bustard and an newly introduced predator, the golden jackal is published in the "BVZ".

BVZ on 19.10.2016 (pdf, 976 KB)

BBC Documentary about the Green Belt in Europe and the Great Bustard Project

The BBC Documentary about the Green Belt in Europe with a five minute part about the cross-border project for the Great Bustard, which was filmed in the successful completed LIFE Project 2004-2010, is shown on several dates on the german TV network "phoenix".

Air dates:
Mo. 10.10.2016, 21 Uhr
Di. 11.10.2016, 1:30 Uhr
Di. 11.10.2016, 8:15 Uhr
Di. 11.10.2016, 19:15 Uhr

phönix - Das Grüne Band (pdf, 37.4 KB)

56.000 views of our Great Bustard video

Our video, shot in the course of our last LIFE Project of a displaying Great Bustard male reached more than 56.000 views on the Facebook page "Birds".

Article in the Austrian newspaper "Die Presse" published

On May 3rd 2016 an interesting article about the immigration of the golden jackal and the resulting threat for the Great Bustard was published on page 34 of the austrian newspaper "Die Presse".

"Die Presse" on May 3rd 2016 (pdf, 2,88 MB)

Article in the "BVZ"

On April 15th 2016 an article about the success of the great bustard protection was published in BVZ. The success of the two large EU-financed LIFE - Projects for the great bustard and the cultivation of 5300 hectars of great bustard protections areas are mentioned.

BVZ on 15.04.2016 (pdf, 2,11 MB)