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Article in the hunting newspaper "Jagd in Tirol"

In the april issue of the newspaper "Jagd in Tirol" an extensive article about the Great Bustard, the threats and also about the LIFE projects for the conservation of the Great Bustard, is published.

Jagd in Tirol April 2017 (pdf, 9.930 KB)

Article in "Bezirksblätter Neusiedl"

On 22.03.2017 an interesteing article about the success of Great Bustard conservation from the last 12,5 years is released.

Bezirksblatt Neusiedl Teil 1 (pdf, 873 KB)

Bezirksblatt Neusiedl Teil 2 (pdf, 657 KB)

Several articles about the successful conservation of the Great Bustard

On May 10th several online articles and newspaper articles are published on ORF.burgenland, BVZ and They mainly talk about the last 12,5 years of successful conservation of the Great Bustard in the westpannonian area. on 10.03.2017 (PDF, 107 KB) on 10.03.2017 (PDF, 26 KB) am 10.03.2017 (PDF, 31 KB)

Newspaper article on 10.03.2017 (PDF, 257 KB)

Newspaper article on 10.03.2017 (PDF, 285 KB)

Newspaper article on 10.03.2017 (PDF, 944 KB)



TV Report about the Conservation of the Great Bustard on Burgenland Heute

On "Burgenland Heute" an interesting report about the success of the last LIFE Projects "Conservation of the Great Bustard" is released. Landesrätin Eisenkopf, National park manager Kurt Kirchberger, ÖGG Chairman Werner Falb-Meixner, Representative of UNEP/CMS Tilman Schneider and Bustard coordinator Rainer Raab talk about the big success in Conservation of the Great Bustard in the west pannonian area.

Burgenland Heute 10.03.2017

ORF TV Report about the Great Bustard in "Burgenland Heute"

At the last Bustard Monitoring, Rainer Raab was accompanied by an ORF TV Team to film an interesting short report about the Great Bustards in ihr tri-boarder region. The report can be viewed under the following link.  

ORF-Report 24.01.2017



Extensive chapter in the Report "Biologische Vielfalt in Österreich" of the Federal Environment Agency

In December 2012 an extensive chapter about the global situation, as well as many other interesting topics of the Great Bustard is published in the Report "Entwicklung der biologischen Vielfalt in Österreich".

Biologische Vielfalt in Österreich (pdf, 13,6 MB)

Article in the "NÖN"

On December 21st 2016 an Article is published about the annual general assembly of the "Goggendorfer" Eco-Association "Grüne Welt". Rainer Raab also gives a statement about the current situation of Great Bustards, as well as  future plans in the LIFE Project.

NÖN on 21.12.2016 (jpg, 1.967 KB)

Article on the Homepage of APA

On December 12th 2016 an interesting Article about the possible threat of the Golden jackal for the Great Bustard is released on the homepage of APA (Austria Presse Agentur). Next to many other experts, Rainer Raab also gives a statement on this new predator.

APA on 12.12.2016 (pdf, 88 KB)

Article in the "BVZ"

On October 19th 2016 a detailed article about the Great Bustard and an newly introduced predator, the golden jackal is published in the "BVZ".

BVZ on 19.10.2016 (pdf, 976 KB)

BBC Documentary about the Green Belt in Europe and the Great Bustard Project

The BBC Documentary about the Green Belt in Europe with a five minute part about the cross-border project for the Great Bustard, which was filmed in the successful completed LIFE Project 2004-2010, is shown on several dates on the german TV network "phoenix".

Air dates:
Mo. 10.10.2016, 21 Uhr
Di. 11.10.2016, 1:30 Uhr
Di. 11.10.2016, 8:15 Uhr
Di. 11.10.2016, 19:15 Uhr

phönix - Das Grüne Band (pdf, 37.4 KB)