Seminar "Vögel in der Kulturlandschaft"

Participation at the Seminar "Vögel in der Kulturlandschaft" on August 11th 2017 in the chamber of agriculture NÖ. Presentation about the Great Bustard, as well as Presentation of the LIFE Project in many dialogues by Rainer Raab. (Action E.6: Publications in scientific journals and presentations at scientific conferences)

Presentation Otto Bauer


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Sad news from "Sitzendorf an der Schmida"

On July 21 an article is published about two dead Great Bustards. One of the Bustards had an injured wing and the second one was killed by a mower. That is a good example, that we still have a lot work in front of us for protecting Great Bustards.

Tot: Zwei Trappen in einer Woche (pdf, 213 KB)


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Interesting article about the LIFE Project Great Bustard in a hungarian Online Journal

On July 8th 2017 an interesting article about the LIFE Project Great Bustard is published in an important hungarian Online Journal. The focus lays on the important cooperation with farmers and agrotechnology enterprises.

Die Zeit der Großtrappe - Im Vogelschutz zählt man auf die Landwirte (PDF, 535 KB)

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Radio Report by Miklós Lóránt at the radio stationr MR1 Kossuth

On October 4th 2017 Miklós Lóránt from Hungary gives an Interview at the Radio station MR1 Kossuth. The Radio report can be listened to below (in Hungarian).

Radio report MR1 Kossuth Radio 24.05.2017


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ORF TV Report and several Newspaper Articles about the opening of the Great Bustard Observation Tower Zurndorf

ORF-Report about the official Opening of the LIFE+ Observation Tower Zurndorf. The opening of the tower was held in the course of the 25 years of LIFE anniversary and was a big success. Next to Bustard coordinator Rainer Raab, member of the parliament and mayor Werner Friedl, Councilor Astrid Eisenkopf and ÖGG chairmen Werner Falb-Meixner were present.

ORF-TV Report from the 19.05.2017

Burgenland: Großtrappen in einem neuen Blickfeld (pdf, 34 KB)

Gute Sicht auf Großtrappen (pdf, 574 KB)

Stromleitung unter der Erde schützen Großtrappen (pdf, 826 KB)

Aussichtsturm für Großtrappen (pdf, 1.653 KB)

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Opening event of the Observation Tower Zurndorf

On 19.05.2017 the official Opening of the Observation Tower in Zurndorf takes place, in the course of the 25 years of LIFE anniversary, under the direction of member of the parliament mayor Werner Friedl, ÖGG chairman Werner Falb-Meixner, Great Bustard Coordinator Rainer Raab and Councilor Astrid Eisenkopf.

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