The "Great Bustard Conservation Team"

BirdLife International promotes the establishment of "Species Conservation Teams" for globally threatened birds in Europe. These teams comprise an informal group of experts from all the range countries of a single species. The main aim of the Species Conservation Teams is to facilitate international collaboration and exchange of information related to the implementation of the BirdLife International Species Action Plans.

The idea to establish a "Great Bustard Conservation Team (GBCT)" was born at the International Workshop "Bustard Conservation in Europe in the last 15 years - current trends, best practice and future priorities", taking place in Lisbon (Portugal) from 23. - 25. November 2005. At present Paul Goriup (UK) is running the GBCT with the assistance of the "Central European Great Bustard co-ordinator" Rainer Raab (Austria).

This address list of the Bustard Conservation Team (GBCT) is maintained by Rainer Raab. In order to keep it up-to-date we kindly ask you to inform us about changes of addresses or any mistakes. Please contact Rainer Raab by e-mail: (subject: address list GBCT) for this purpose.

Thank you very much in advance for your assistance!

The address list was updated in October 2017 and will be updated again within the next month.